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This T&C document describes the abiding terms and conditions applicable and to adhere by both the parties. First party Here-in referred as Company and second party subscribers here-in referred as the Subscriber through this document, in the event of Subscription of Product/Service offered by via and its sub domains or any other channel of service. reserves the right to update or amend Terms of Services (TOS) if necessary, at any given time without any prior written notice.

Violation of any of the Terms or Conditions declared here-in by the company would end up leading to a termination of the user account/access to

Terms of Service • 1. The subscriber opting for Newsletter or any other relevant service must be 18 years and above. • 2. Only a human can take the benefits of the products & services provided. • 3. One account can be utilized by one person only. • 4., reserves the right to offer Email Wiki services at its own descreation. Therefore does not gurantee the accuracy or usability of any Issues, article, help manual, user talk pretending to out of scope listed on Users are advised to contact the respective email service providers party in the regards. • 5., usages mediums like Chat, Ticket Support and e-mail, to render support to its users. . • 10., advises subscribers not to share their personal data like login informations& passwords with our support representatives. • 11., cannot be held liable for any losses or damages. All article on are for educational and informational purpose only. • 13. Subscribers requested not to use any of our website or services for any illegal or unauthorized reason. • 14. All the interactions and communications between Help Team and The users are to be in obedience of applicable law.

Cancellation and Termination

• 1. If a user wants to unsubscribe the service with, he/she may request for the cancellation over via email at [email protected] • 2. On the cancellation of the subscribed products/services, we transfer the client data to archive or active servers to be used anytime in the future. • 3., reserves the rights to suspend or stop an account and decline any present or future use of the services. The needs of such action can arise due to unauthorized access of a portal, servers and databases, rude behavior, data theft, inappropriate use of services, sharing the product/services with other person(s), the one currently subscribed with the The cancellation of service will lead to deactivation and deletion of an account and the client will never be able to access to any Product or Support Service with the organization. • 5., reserves the rights to cancel the service for the use of illegal software. • 6., reserves the right to decline services to a client at any point of time.

The letdown of, to apply any of these rights or the Terms of Service will not result in waiver of such right or provisions. The Terms of Service establishing the complete agreement between, and its customers preside over the use of the Service, replacing any prior accords made with the organization.